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Love Nest & Loft Suite


Two Bedroom Private Villa with Double Bathroom. This unit combines all the features of the Love Nest and the Loft Suite. So it comes with a fully equipped kitchen, two bedrooms and two bathrooms and a luxurious living room where an extra person can sleep. Besides that it offers the dip-in pool, the full pool and the pool bar! Essentially it’s like doubling up on life.

Outdoor & Pool

Living & Dining

Bedroom 1 & Bathroom 1

Bedroom 2 & Bathroom 2


2 Bedroom Private Deluxe Villa with Triple Bathrooms

This unit of course offers all of fabulous features of our Bespoke configuration but even takes the luxury level up a notch further. Your posh pool bar is even larger and now comes with a swinging love seat and on the big terrace, there’s enough space for every to chill and soak up the Bali sunshine!


Garden & Pool