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The price has included local tax, and service fee.

All ingredients are prepared exclusively for you with love and passion for you to enjoy during a memorable meal.

Due to pandemic situation, breakfast & day menu should order at least one day in advance. 

For last minute order, please kindly confirm with our staff:

Breakfast  Serving from 7:30am

Something Savory

Avocado Smash   75k
Poached egg, feta, herbs, cherry tomato, sourdough

Big Breakfast   85k

Eggs your way, bacon, hash-brown, spinach, mushroom, sourdough

Eggs Benedict   85k

2 poached eggs, spinach, english muffin & hollandaise

Breakfast Wrap   75k

Tortilla, scrambled eggs, avocado, salsa, cheddar, chili mayo


Classic Omelette   75k

Spinach, mushroom, cheese, sourdough on the side


Devine Frittata   75k

Cherry tomato, spinach mushroom, cheese, sourdough on the side

Beyond Special

Crepe Classic   75k

Buckwheat crepes with mushrooms sauce, mushroom fricassee, spinach, mozzarella cheese, sunny side-up

Shashuka in the Crepe    85k

Sunny side-up, onion, red peppers, tomato sauce, feta

Red Eggplant   75k

Buckwheat crepes with eggplant, roasted red peppers, mozzarella cheese, tomato sauce

Something Sweet

French Toast   75k

Cinnamon batter, bacon, banana, maple syrup


Apple Cinnamon Crepe   65k

Apple, Cinnamon, syrup, fruit topping

Banana Pancake with our signature Sauce 75k

Peanut sauce, chocolate sauce, fruit topping

Something Indonesian

Nasi Goreng Bali  55k

Chicken, egg, garlic aromatic ginger spice, crackers, sambal & acar


Nasi Goreng Indonesian   55k

Chicken, egg, Indonesia spices, crackers, sambal & acar


Mie Goreng Classic Indonesian   55k

Chicken, egg, vegetables, crackers, sambal & acar


Beyond Delight Day Menu  Serving from 11:30am

PROMO Package 


3 for 180K:


√  One from On the Stick

√  One from Beyond Tempura

√  One from Tropical Bless


On the Stick (6pcs)

Chicken Satay   65k

house made peanut sauce, sambal, fresh shallot


Tempe Satay  55k

marinated grill tempeh, house made peanut sauce, sambal

Satay Lilit Mahi-mahi   75K

Balinese spice, sambal matah,

Beyond Tempura

Tempura Mushroom   45k

Served with chilli mayo


Tempura Mixed Vegetables  45k

Baby bean, leek, carrot, onion, chilli mayo


Tempura Eggplant   45k

Served with chilli mayo

Finger Food

Fish & Chips  65k

House made batter, lemon, Tartar sauce, chilli mayo


Chicken Fingers  55k

western batter style, Tartar sauce, chilli mayo

Korean Hot Wings 65k

Crispy fried chicken wings with korean sauce

Tropical Bless

Spring Roll  65k

Vietnam spring roll with lettuce, noodles, shrimp, beansprout, carrot, cucumber, Asian peanut sauce & Nuoc cham sauce


Tuna Tartare on Cracker  75k

Soya lemon sauce, japan sesame dressing, alfalfa


Falafel on Beetroot Hummus  75k

crumbled feta cheese, sesame, herb

Glass Noodle Salad 65K

Pan seared shrimp, glass noodle, peanuts, red cabbage, carrot, Thai dressing


Beetroot Salad 75K
Spinach, baby romain, feta, apple, mint, carrot, almond, balsamic dressing


Tuna Tataki   85K

Tuna, mixed salad, soya lemon sauce, sesame dressing

Wrap it Up

Beyond Chicken Baopao (2 PCS) 45K

Lettuce, crispy chicken, chilli mayo, red onion pickle, alfalfa


Southern Fried Chicken wrap 75K
Tortilla wrap with chicken, cheddar, bacon, baby romain, salsa, chilli mayo


Chili Beef Lettuce Wrap 75K

Stir fried minced beef, baby romain

Indonesian Special

Tempe Glory  30K

Fried Tempe, sambal hijau.

Tahu Isi  55K

Cabbage, carrot, beansprout, dabu dabu, peanut sauce


Gado-gado  65K

Tempeh, tofu, egg, cabbage, potato, baby bean, beansprout, lettuce, cucumber, house made peanut sauce


Chicken Bumbu Rujak  75K

Grilled chicken with Indonesia red spice

Pan Seared Mahi Mahi  85K

Baby bean, carrot, brocolly, kalasan sauce, sambal matah

Beyond Mixology  

Let our mixologist take you on a beautiful journey of appreciating local herbs, flowers, leaves, fruits, and of course, the smile and love from Beyond Team. 

PROMO Package 

  • One cocktail for 85K

  • Two cocktails for 160K 

  • Three cocktails for 250K

(Complimentary Canape) 

  • Beyond Jamu 

  • Ms Fays Fav

  • Coffee Balitini

  • Wayan's Secret

  • Sabda

  • Lolo Cemcem


With the privilege of being a Beyond guest, you can choose to serve the cocktails by your own pool, in your own bathtub, or welcome to BEYOND BITES next door and visit Beyond Mixology Bar for the full experience. (Reservation required, subject to availability)


Please also understand, due to pandeminc situation, our service and ingredients might subject to availability

Ready to order?  Please kindly inform us

1.  Your choice of dishes

2. Your preferred time 

3. Your preferred dining location


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